Crazyman Race Weekend Info

Everything You Need To Know About Race Weekend For The 2024 Fine Signs Crazyman.

Race Pack Pick-Up

When:   Saturday 14th December – 1pm to 4:00pm.
Where:  TBC... Click 4 Map.
Bring:   The entry confirmation we emailed you. Cash for t-shirts & shop specials.

  • All participants must pick up race pack. They include programme, race number, any merchandise purchased.
  • If you ordered Crazyman T-shirts, they will come with your race pack.
  • Entrants driving from out of town on race day may pick up race pack at start line at least 30min prior to start.
  • If you cannot collect your race pack, someone else may pick it up provided they have your email confirmation. 
  • Car Parking is via surrounding streets.

Race Day Info

Sunday 15th December

Race Briefing - Multisporters

When:   Sunday 15th December - 7:30am.
Where:  Days Bay Beach, Eastbourne.

NB:  If bad weather forces the alternative kayak route, the multisport briefing will be held same time at Sladden Park in Petone (see kayak course notes).

Race Briefing - Duathletes

When:    Sunday 15th December - 8:45am.
Where:   Sladden Park, Petone, LH... Click 4 Map.

Start – Multisport

When:    Sunday 15th December – 8:00am.
Where:   Days Bay Beach, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt... Click 4 Map

  • Line up Kayaks on the waters edge, on south side of Days Bay Wharf.
  • Paddlers line up at south end of beach and run 300m LeMans-style to kayaks.
  • Support Crew are allowed to help paddlers get into kayaks.

Start – Duathlon

When:    Sunday 15th December – 9:00am.
Where:   Sladden Park, Petone, LH... Click 4 Map

  • Duathletes line up on south edge of playing fields, facing north, by 8:50am.
  • Duathletes then follow the exact same course as multisporters. 

Kayak / Mountain Bike Transition

Where:   Sladden Park Boat Ramp, Petone, Lower Hutt... Click 4 Map.
When:    Kayakers expected from 8:55am. 

  • Support crews and teams need to be at transition by 8:45am at latest.
  • This is the end of kayak for multisporters and the start of mountain bike for multisporters and duathletes.
  • Drive from Days Bay to Sladden Park is approx 15min.
  • Supporters have time to view kayakers at Lowry Bay. 
  • Toilet facilities, drink station and first aid will be available at Sladden Park.

Mtn Bike / Run Transition

Where:   Stratton Street Bike Park Woolshed, Maungaraki, LH... Click 4 Map.
When:    Mountain bikers are expected from 10:30am. 

  • Support crews and team competitors need to allow for parking delays.
  • Be at transition by 10:00am at latest.
  • This is the end of the mtn bike for all competitors.
  • The drive from Sladden Park to Stratton Street is 15min. Allow for parking delays.
  • Supporters do not have time to view the mountain bike. 
  • Toilet facilities, drink station and first aid will be available at Stratton Street.

Finish Line

Where:   Heretaunga Boat Club, 138 Petone Esplanade... Click 4 Map
When:    First Finishers expected from 11:30am. 

  • Last Finishers expected 3:00pm.
  • Parking in surrounding car parks and streets.
  • Toilets, food, drink and first aid will be available.
  • Participant lunch will be available from 12:30pm upstairs. Show your race number.
  • Post-race massage is available ($20 for 15min - bring cash).
  • Crazyman merchandise will be available (bring cash).

Prize Giving

Where:   Heretaunga Boat Club, upstairs, 138 Petone Esplanade... Click 4 Map.
When:    Sun 15th Dec – 3:00pm. 

  • Lunch from 12:30pm.
  • Prizes will be awarded to top 3 in categories with 3 or more entries.
  • If there are less than 3 in a category, you may be transferred to the closest relevant category (e.g: vet women to open women).
  • A prize will be awarded to best support crew and entrant who suffered the worst luck – nominees must be made to the race director prior to prize giving.
  • Minor spot prize winners will be listed inside Heretaunga Boat Club (upstairs). If you have won a prize you collect it upstairs.
  • Major spot prizes will be drawn at the prize giving.

Support Crews

  • Multisport Solo participants are advised to have a support crew with vehicle.
  • Duathlon Solo are advised to have support crew, but can be self-sufficient by dropping running gear to the start of the run, then leave their car at the finish line & bike 5min to the start line.
  • Team participants can easily crew each other.

Support Crews Notes - Click Here.

Support Crew Maps - for driving between transitions etc.
Kayak Map - Click Here
Mtn Bike Map - Click Here
Run Map - Click Here

Postponements & Cancellations

> The Crazyman aims to race rain, hail or shine!
> If extreme weather forces postponement or cancellation this would be advised via email, Facebook and the website by 7:00am on race morning.
> In the case of postponement or cancellation, entries fees are not refundable.
> Kayakers:  If high winds and/or high seas make the harbour unsafe, the kayak will change to three-laps on the lower Hutt River. Competitors would be informed the previous day at race Pack Pick Up, and on our website and Facebook page... See Kayak Course Description.

Rules & Safety


  • The Crazyman is a challenging event. There are elements of risk ranging from exhaustion to falling and/or accident, to falling out of a kayak.
  • All roads, tracks and waterways are open to the public at all times. You must obey all normal laws in regard to use of all roads, tracks and waterways. You must Give Way to all other traffic, riders and pedestrians.
  • Where possible organisers reduce risk via signage, water rescue and qualified first aid and communication support.
  • The kayak section is marked with orange buoys at major points. A lead IRB vessel will also provide direction. Two other IRB provide rescue services.
  • Wave skis and sit-on-top recreational kayaks are not allowed. Proper surf skis are allowed. K1's are generally not suitable for this course.
  • The mtn bike and run courses will be marked with a mixture of arrows and tape to indicate direction and no-go areas. A sideways arrow indicates a change in direction. An upward arrow indicates straight ahead or uphill. Downwards arrows indicates downhill or drop-off. Two or three downward arrows indicate downhills or drop-off’s that require extra care.
  • Water safety is provided by Muratai Yacht Club.
  • Kayakers should keep within 75m of shore as much as possible. But should stay at least 20m from shore to avoid coastal rocks and/or debris.
  • There are first aid stations on all points of concern and at transitions, provided by Upper Hutt Community Rescue.
  • If you suffer minor injuries make your way to the next aid station for treatment.
  • Participants must assist anyone who has suffered serious injury. Your finish time will be adjusted applicably.
  • In the event of serious injury, one participant must stay with the injured participant while another participant moves to the next emergency aid station.
  • Do not move anyone with suspected neck or back injuries.
  • Any entrant withdrawing from the event – either before the start or during the race – must notify a race marshal or aid station staff.
  • There are no drink or food stations on course. Participants must carry food and drink on every leg.
  • All participants should carry mobile phone in case of emergency.
  • Participants must obey all road rules and take responsibility for their actions at all times. All roads, tracks and waterways are open to the public.


  • The Crazyman is run according to the universal logic of fair play and decency. Any form of protest should be lodged in writing to the organisers within 30min of finishing. In all matters the organiser's decision is final.
  • Entry is limited to age 16 and above. Athletes under 16 will be considered on case by case basis. Email the event organiser to state your case.
  • Kayak race numbers must be worn on the front of the life jacket and be visible at all times.
  • Mountain bike numbers must be attached to the handlebar cables with the cable ties provided.
  • Runners must pin their numbers to their chest, on the outside of clothing. Triathlon-style elastic waist bands are allowed.
  • All transitioning must be done within designated transition areas. Only one support crew member within transition. Keep bikes to the side.
  • Before starting all participants must read all information in the entry form, event website and pre-race programme.
  • All participants must be present at and pay attention to the pre-race briefing.
  • No roads tracks or waterways are closed. Competitors must obey all normal laws on roads, tracks and waterways. On any roadway you must use the gravel verge or footpath, unless crossing.
  • All participants must obey race officials, including water rescue, first aid staff and police, at all times.
  • All competitors must carry a long sleeve thermal top and/or jacket in all sections of the event.
  • We advise you carry a mobile phone for emergency.
  • All mountain bikers must wear a safety standards approved bicycle helmet and carry 2 spare tubes, pump or CO2 shot, chain lube and bike tool.
  • All mountain bikers must ensure their bike is in safe and serviceable condition.
  • All kayakers must wear a standards-approved buoyancy vest and be capable of a forced wet-exit out of their kayak.
  • Wave skis and sit-on-top recreational kayaks are not allowed. Proper surf skis are allowed.
  • When passing, the competitors in front always has the right of way. Be patient and courteous at all times.
  • In the event of accident, mechanical failure or failure to follow the correct direction, participants may assist each other.
  • In the event of serious accident any participant who does not stop to assist will be disqualified.
  • Participants are not allowed to wear any type of music earphone system.
  • No short cuts. littering or moaning about the organisers!